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Warning, the book below is a sequel! Proceed with awareness of spoilers!

By Twlight Beckoned
Interwoven Fates, Book Two
It all had to start somewhere, didn't it? The story of the man half demon, half angel?

A Real Near-Vampire

Granmor is tied to the family by a past that he rarely speaks of, a binding to the Matron Annel perhaps, most certainly the half-demon's mother Asrel, and recently, to the Matron's newest ward, Amilee. In fact, bearing a strange mental bond with the young witch-girl, he's fought by her side for Eliana's life many times over the years, albeit without the half-demon's knowledge. All in honor of a woman who chose a demon's love over his.
His body broken by his refusal to drink blood, and become a full vampire, Granmor has long since lost that option, and become little more than a withered husk of a man. His flesh shriveled, his sight all but lost, his body little more than skin-wrapped bone, he has been underestimated many times for this appearance. Make no mistake though, the lack of succumbing to his unholy hunger has not made him weaker for it... If anything, it had made him far, far stronger...
Held into life by a dark magic that will not allow his body to die, he has slowly lost all he knew either to time, or his own disfiguring affliction. Now the two girls are all the reason he has left to fight, though the one he protects in her mother's stead, may very despise him above any. With his duty all he has left to him though, he will see her through this most recent battle, even if it is his last.
But woe to any, if they think that victory will be an easy one...

A Witch-Girl Protected by her Mother's Sacrifice

She was just a babe when her mother was accused of magic, and burned at the stake by those she'd lived side by side with her whole life. Her mother's silence to the end, about witches being born, and not formed of some damned covenant, was the only reason that her infant daughter wasn't burned along with her...

Alone now, given care only by the Matron Annel, and befriended by the strange Granmor, Amilee must keep her secret, if she is to survive in a world with no family, and no one left to protect her. Facing every day the very people who denied her the mother she never knew, and never will, she bears a burden of blood that few can understand... And whom fewer still will forgive her for.

Her bond to the near-vampire often being her only source of strength, she is determined, even at her young age, to be the one source of light left to a man, denied it for so long. Her world may be a small one, but she will fight for it with courage and devotion far beyond her years. For the half-demon, for the near-vampire, and for the secrets she herself still keeps, she will defy heaven or hell, whichever comes...

She will not lose the little family she has left.

The Angel Without a Past

He doesn't remember where he came from, or anything of his life before appearing in the small mortal city.  He can't even recall the one who sent him there, but never for a moment does he question why.  He is a servant of the gods, and as heaven commands, he obeys...
The enemy of all things demonic, he knows he must find his quarry before more harm is done to the mortal world. Unfortunately, all he knows of this prey is that it is demon, and has had far longer to learn the ways of the human world than he has.  But surely a demon cannot hide his evil for long... That's why he was sent.
It is the girl Amilee that leads him into the strange twists and turns forged by a past no one speaks of, introducing him to the beautiful and warm-eyed granddaughter of the Matron Annel.  He cannot deny that he is drawn to the woman with eyes like the light of heaven, but again and again, finds he cannot protect her from the dangers that seem to beset her from every side.
Neither though, can he deny his growing fascination with her, or his growing need to do just this, and never let anything hurt her again.
Hunting the demon, trying not to be distracted by the beautiful Eliana, trying to keep the child Amilee from discovering too much, and trying to understand the threat of Granmor... In time it becomes clear that something far more dangerous than any of these is beginning to take root in his quest.  For if he can no longer believe in the very gods who sent him, how can he ever bring himself to betray the heart of the woman who loves him, in their name?
It is in love after all, that surely more than one angel has fallen... 

The Matron and her Secrets

The Matron Annel does not speak of Eliana's mother, nor of her father. She has never mentioned anything in fact, of either Eliana's or Amilee's past, or of her own life before them. Yet it cannot be denied, that she keeps company with a witch-child, a near-vampire, and a half-demon. It cannot be a simple story, that led to this...

Haunted by the decisions she's made, determined to hold up the honor of her family, and nearing the end of her life, it may be long too late to ask for forgiveness. But as long as she lives, she will see that her granddaughter, and her ward, are protected from the truth. A truth that may be the very thing that both girls need most to hear.

If pride is all the old woman has left, her secrets may very well die with her... And if the truth is never known, how will either girl ever be free?

Of course, one thing remains clear... The story doesn't really begin with Eliana after all. 

The Orphan Half-Demon

Born to a mother of whom she knows little, bound by the blood of a father of whom she knows even less, Eliana knows that she still cannot deny the manner of child their union created.  Driven by the hunger of her demon side, she takes to the forest every night to slake her thirst for mortal essence, and does her best to keep the secret that would surely mean her end, were the truth ever learned.

Hunted by demon after demon, who pursue her for an end she doesn't understand, Eliana faces a constant battle from both the human world, and the world of the damned.  Thus far, she's survived the battle with both her life, and what might even be called a soul, still intact.  But before now, she's never had to deal with an angel, and the divive are a very different manner of opponent from the damned...

Her human side drawn to him, her demonic side demanding his death, she is caught in a struggle as old as good versus evil... And the knowledge that in this struggle, she serves as the latter, is destroying her. Doubts overwhelming her, exhaustion overcoming her, she must come to terms at last with the fact that even if she does kill the angel, and surrender to her demon half forever, the hunters will still never stop coming.

What little she has left of her world may well be lost by battle's end, no matter which way the final blow falls... And death may be better than damnation.

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