A Dreamer's Weavings, Published!

Honor and the Purple/ A Dreamer's Weavings/ Of Hidden Wings, Book One/ By Twilight Beckoned, Book Two

The book itself...

'A Dreamer's Weavings' is a series of short stories, as well as a few slightly longer ones, that delve into the lives of a variety of different people, of various fantasy races. From dragon to demon, sea elf to undead star elf, all the way to the poor guy, pitifully human, left guarding a girl from her vampire lover, who understandably seems to be suffering second thoughts.

Be drawn into the world of a child forced to leave his family and his world behind, if he has any hope to survive, a council of vampires experiencing a potential shift in power, and a creature caught between two worlds, whose only chance to be whole, is to sacrifice the life of the one he loves. And face the journey of a young woman, held into this world beyond death, who must somehow make peace with an existence she never chose.

It's a little book, filled with glimpses of very big stories. 



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A Coward's Choice

Perhaps it was the world itself that held its breath. Certainly the air was still enough, a strange thing in the usually turbulent season, but it was undeniably the sort of stillness that came before something dangerous. A sense of waiting.

It was in fact the sense of waiting that was the hardest. His heart refused to slow, his nerves refused to calm, he was ready for a fight... Instead he could only wait. Wait for sunset. Wait for death. And the world itself waited with him. Silence, a terrible silence. No more boasts of courage, or victory. Now that the sun had settled on the very edge of the horizon, no one felt very brave anymore.

Soon it would be night. Soon, he would come. Some might survive, but the truth that he couldn't escape, that he knew none of them could escape, was that most of the men standing watch here tonight would probably die. Surrounded by his friends, by people he'd known his whole life, he could only think one thing. By all that was merciful, let him be one of the ones who lived.

Intro- The True Game Master

“Monster,” The man in red velvet murmured, looking amused by some secret humor, “How easily the word uttered, how deeply the wound scored. One would think that by now, we’d learned to keep such a word from being spoken.” He leaned forward, lacing slender fingers into a mockery of prayer. “Are you really still so fragile? Or,” His lips twitched, his eyes glinting in distinct warning, “Is this weakness sprung from some fresh wound?”

Utter silence met his challenge, a shifting among those men who granted death, and a wary exchanging of glances. Five came to this meeting, whether five would leave was anyone’s guess. As no one dared to answer the dangerous baron, a sound like bells filled the night air, followed by some nameless woman’s laughter. He let the question hang.

Of those who did not speak, there was only one who truly caught his interest. The man sat to the side, his chair pulled slightly back from the others. A deliberate distance. He did not shift in uneasiness, nor consider the men who might end him. His hands were folded, his head bowed. Uneven brown hair obscured his eyes, and he too was silent. But then, he was always silent.